Creative Director Che “Rhymefest” Smith

A of C Meets Barack Obama‏

Art of Culture Inc. was invited to be one of the Chicago-based organizations to participate in the Obama Foundation’s Inaugural Event at Gary Comer Youth Center. Over 200 youth gathered to learn how to get civically engaged in their communities.


Our Guiding Principles: 

Mission: Art of Culture cultivates creative potential.


We encourage members of our community to “share your truth.” We believe that the most impactful art comes from an authentic place. 

Safe Space

We create safe space for members of our community to grow, to evolve and to be vulnerable. 


We believe that everything that we need is around us and when the network “works,” everyone involved thrives. 

Service to Others

We believe it is important to be of service, not self serving. 

Social Impact

LL @ Harvard Business 



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